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Monetary Donator's
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Pokemon Donator's
Trio Badge                                                              Quake Badge
-                                                                               -

Basic Badge                                                            Jet Badge
Guitarfan101                                                            -

Insect Badge                                                            Freeze Badge
-                                                                               -

Bolt Badge                                                               Legend Badge        
-                                                                               -

Pokemon Donation Guide
Donation Rank            
Trio Badge                   1-3     Pokemon
Basic Badge                 4-6     Pokemon
Insect Badge                 7-9     Pokemon
Bolt Badge                   10-12 Pokemon
Quake Badge                13-15 Pokemon
Jet Badge                     16-19  Pokemon
Freeze Badge               20-21  Pokemon
Legend Badge              22+     Pokemon

Monetary Donation Guide

Donation Rank                       Benefit
Friend Ball            $1-4.99       Listed on Donations Page
Poke Ball               $5-9.99           A Shout Out in the Blog
Premier Ball       $10-19.99       Email of Appreciation
Great Ball       $20-49.99       Personal Email of Appreciation
Heavy Ball       $50-74.99       Emailed Certificate (Heavy Ball Edition) From Professor Bellissimo
Ultra Ball               $75-99.99       Emailed Certificate (Ultra Ball Edition) From Professor Bellissimo
Luxury Ball       $100-499.99   Emailed Certificate (Luxury Ball Edition) From Professor Bellissimo
Master Ball       $500-999.99    Professor Status*, Emailed Certificate (Master Ball Edn.)
Dream Ball       $1000+            Transfer of Blog to Donator, Emailed Certificate (Dream Ball Edn.)  

Repeat Ball Repeat Donator (once a month)
Fast Ball         First to Donate

*Professor Status - the ability to Post on my blog once a week on a particular day of your choosing (excluding Wednesday's), posts will be reviewed by me before they will be shown in order to avoid inappropriate content
All donations will be compounded, for example if you donate $1 you will be listed under the Friend Ball rank, if you the donate $4 you will be moved up to the Poke Ball rank because your all time total donation is $5, etc.
For donations to be compounded they have to be made using the same name 
Benefits will last for the Life of the Blog

Welcome All Pokemon Trainers!

Welcome all Pokemon trainers to The Pokemon Pokedex Professor's blog or pPp for short! My name is Professor Bellissimo and I will be running this blog for all you Pokemon fans. The blog is dedicated to helping Pokemon Trainers complete their Pokedex and will be updated every Thursday.

My blog is made up of three parts: the first part titled Professor Bellissimo’s Pokemon Blog is, as the name suggests, a blog about Pokemon. The second part titled Professor Bellissimo’s Pokedex is a complete listing of the Pokemon that I have collected for observation. Finally, the third part titled Professor Bellissimo's Research Discussions is a Pokemon forum set up to allow communications with and between readers.

If you would like to help out with my research feel free to donate/trade a Pokemon. I am currently located in the Unova region and can be reached at my friend code: 3053 3495 4021. Feel free to comment on my blog and leave your names and friend codes so that I may add you to my Pal Pad. Thanks for your help and remember to Fill Those Pokedex!