Monday, 4 June 2012

Hey Trainers!

Pokemon Professor Bellissimo here with an important update! My Pokemon research blog has been up and running for a couple of days now and it is slowly starting to gain attention from trainers and their Pokemon alike. To celebrate the increased awareness of my research I will be giving away 10 free Pokemon next week, so stay tuned to hear how you can win those Pokemon. 
       In other news, while researching a Woobat Pokemon last night I was amazed and privileged to be present when it evolved into a Swoobat. It was at that moment that I realized that bonding with our Pokemon could result in an evolution for that Pokemon, how fascinating. 
       I am also excited to say that I am continuing to uncover new Pokemon for my Pokedex everyday! I have updated the Pokedex in the Professor Bellissimo's Pokedex page to reflect these discoveries. I would like to welcome Nidoran (female) to my collection as well as Luvdisc. Special thanks to Zyx from the United States for donating Luvdisc to my research and to Nintendo for their Dream World Contribution!
       One final note, next week I will be introducing a new feature of the blog called 'Catch That Pokemon'. Basically, I will be challenging all you trainers to catch a specific Pokemon from week to week and donate it to my research. The winner of the competition will receive a free Pokemon holding a surprise gift as well as recognition on my blog for winning the competition. Thanks for reading and remember to Fill Those Pokedex!

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  1. Hey!
    I'm Snowman4686 from the
    Congrats on this Blog its really good!
    If you ever need any pokemon (including shinnies,Legends or Event pokemon) Please write on my wall or my trade thread and you and your members are welcome to anything!
    I really hope this succeeds and i'll link it in my signature =)

    Good Luck!


Welcome All Pokemon Trainers!

Welcome all Pokemon trainers to The Pokemon Pokedex Professor's blog or pPp for short! My name is Professor Bellissimo and I will be running this blog for all you Pokemon fans. The blog is dedicated to helping Pokemon Trainers complete their Pokedex and will be updated every Thursday.

My blog is made up of three parts: the first part titled Professor Bellissimo’s Pokemon Blog is, as the name suggests, a blog about Pokemon. The second part titled Professor Bellissimo’s Pokedex is a complete listing of the Pokemon that I have collected for observation. Finally, the third part titled Professor Bellissimo's Research Discussions is a Pokemon forum set up to allow communications with and between readers.

If you would like to help out with my research feel free to donate/trade a Pokemon. I am currently located in the Unova region and can be reached at my friend code: 3053 3495 4021. Feel free to comment on my blog and leave your names and friend codes so that I may add you to my Pal Pad. Thanks for your help and remember to Fill Those Pokedex!