Thursday, 14 June 2012

Hey Trainers!

Pokemon Professor Bellissimo here and it`s Thursday which is past time for a new update! My research is doing very well so far. I have steadily been able to capture and trade for new Pokemon since the start of my research, which alone, has increased my knowledge of Pokemon a hundred fold. I am confident that this rate of learning will last for a while at least as I am still exploring Unova. More specifically, I have yet to venture past Pinwheel Forest. 
     However, this form of data collection will eventual come to halt as I fill the Unove Pokedex. That is where most of you will be of the utmost importance. Already I have had a number of trainers offer Pokemon donations to my cause and I was able to set up a meeting with Guitarfan101 who generously donated Anorith, Ralts, Victini, and Zorua. Thanks Guitarfan101!
     As for my own trades I was able to obtain Chimchar and Oddish while through exploration I managed to capture Pansear and Panpour. These Pokemon are a great addition to my collection as well as a great help to my research. I was even lucky enough to witness two evolution's while trying to capture the above mentioned Pokemon. These evolution`s took the form of Timburr evolving into Gurdurr and Venipede evolving into Whirlipede. It is such an exciting time when Pokemon evolve because often times it is by surprise and you are never quite sure what you are about to find.
     Finally, and what you probably have been waiting for, the free Pokemon giveaway and this weeks competition. So for those of you who have been following my blog and waiting for the giveaway announcement here it is and here is what you must do:
1. Follow the blog by clicking the follow button in the right side column.
2. Comment on a blog post (don`t forget to add your in game name and friend code)
3. That's it, for those of you who are already following the blog just make another comment and you will be included in the contest!   
The first 10 people to do these steps will receive a free Mystery Pokemon Egg.
     Well that's it for today make sure to check out this weeks competition below and remember to Fill Those Pokedex!

Catch That Pokemon!

Challenge #1

For this weeks challenge, ending Thursday June 21st, I am tasking all you trainers to capture a female Pichu. The first to do so and trade it to me for verification will receive a competition winners shout out in my blog two weeks from now as well as a Mystery Pokemon Egg! Goodluck and see you next week.

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  1. Hi!
    Still following your blog!
    Name: Amy (Not real name)
    Friend code: 3181 8583 9633
    I can't remember wether you have registered me or not!
    If you want to trade with me, I am willing to donate a lv. 1 Rotom to your research!
    (Oh and I'm going on holiday from Saterday to Saterady with no Internet conection.)


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