Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Hey Trainers!

Pokemon Professor Bellissimo here with more news! It is day six of my research project and let me tell you how great it is working with Pokemon everyday. They are such amazing and interesting creatures and I am constantly learning new things about them. Tonight's experiment will be to determine what happens when I level my Pokemon through battles. To do this I will take a number of lower level Pokemon to the Dreamyard in the hopes of battle Audino. Perhaps I will be able to evolve some of those Pokemon which will add to the completion of my Pokedex.
       Unfortunately, in the last few days I have not been able to obtain any new Pokemon for my research but I have made a few very important contacts. Lately, I have been working closely with Snowman4686 to develop a way to both increase my Pokedex and that of my readers. For those of you who do not already know Snowman4686, he runs a top notch adoption center (Snowman4686 Adoption Center) for which I am very impressed with (you can find a link to his adoption center under Pokemon Sites). Basically, we have been devising a system of Pokemon Egg donations to my site in order for me to offer these as gifts to those who follow my research. I will keep you updated with these developments as they occur.
       I would now like to take a minute to thank my readers for showing interest in my research and to talk a little about the growth of this blog. Firstly, thanks to everyone for your continued support my blog has past the 100 viewer mark, which is exciting, and it beginning to increase smoothly in the number of readers! You may have also noticed that their is a new page under construction. I have decided to add a forum page to my blog, titled Professor Bellissimo's Research Discussions, in the hopes of both increasing readership as well as providing a place for my readers to chat and communicate with each other. So... check back soon for that new feature. Finally, like the deal with Snowman4686, I have been contacting other breeders and adoption centers to increase the number of Pokemon I will be able to share with my readers and if all goes well, be prepared for some awesome prizes for the weekly competitions!
     As a finally thought if you like this blog feel free to follow it, by clicking on the instructions in the Pokemon Trainer section, and subscribe to it through the Subscribe to Professor Bellissimo Section. Talk to you all soon and remember to Fill Those Pokedex!

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Welcome All Pokemon Trainers!

Welcome all Pokemon trainers to The Pokemon Pokedex Professor's blog or pPp for short! My name is Professor Bellissimo and I will be running this blog for all you Pokemon fans. The blog is dedicated to helping Pokemon Trainers complete their Pokedex and will be updated every Thursday.

My blog is made up of three parts: the first part titled Professor Bellissimo’s Pokemon Blog is, as the name suggests, a blog about Pokemon. The second part titled Professor Bellissimo’s Pokedex is a complete listing of the Pokemon that I have collected for observation. Finally, the third part titled Professor Bellissimo's Research Discussions is a Pokemon forum set up to allow communications with and between readers.

If you would like to help out with my research feel free to donate/trade a Pokemon. I am currently located in the Unova region and can be reached at my friend code: 3053 3495 4021. Feel free to comment on my blog and leave your names and friend codes so that I may add you to my Pal Pad. Thanks for your help and remember to Fill Those Pokedex!